Adult Learners Being Reached

(190 women, 100 men) 



Literacy Classes/Communities

The Association of Anba Mussah, Al-Assad (ANBA) works with people in the squatter slums of Old Cairo, where many rural Egyptians relocate to escape poverty. Women’s literacy is a huge concern in this area, and ANBA leaders seek to promote literacy in order to educate people on issues of “socio-health,” which include respiratory tract infections, intestinal worms, female genital cutting, and reproductive choice. Until ANBA implemented its Women Literacy Program, the number of illiterate women was growing in comparison to men.

Learning to read has helped preserve my dignity –I can now work toward a better quality of life for my family.”

- Mervat, Adult Learner in ANBA’s program

“After years of working in literacy, we found that just teaching basic education is not enough—it is crucial to work with a different approach, especially for women. Combining our classes with education, health, and economic activities have motivated the students to come regularly to the literacy classes.”

- Dr. Tandiar Samir, Executive Director for ANBA