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How long is the ProLiteracy Learning Upgrade Challenge?

The Learning Upgrade Challenge comprises three 4-month cycles. At the end of each 4-month cycle, another cycle will start. The 2021 cycle beings on January 1, 2021. Followed by May 1, 2021 and September 1, 2021.

How do I join the ProLiteracy Learning Upgrade Challenge?

To join the ProLiteracy Learning Upgrade Challenge, fill out this form. Someone from ProLiteracy/New Readers Press will be in touch.

Can I join the challenge if I’ve never used Learning Upgrade?

Yes, please note on your form that you’re new to Learning Upgrade. A representative from New Readers Press will be reach out to you to get your program enrolled in a 4-month pilot.

My program has purchased licenses for Learning Upgrade. Can we participate?

Yes, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to sign-up and indicate that you are already using Learning Upgrade.

Can I participate in more than one cycle of the ProLiteracy Learning Upgrade Challenge?

Yes, programs can participate in multiple cycles of the Challenge. Programs are only eligible to receive one 4-month pilot. If your program wants to continue to participate in the challenge after the pilot is over, you need to purchase licenses. If your program cannot afford to purchase licenses, you may apply to ProLiteracy’s Mobile Learning Fund for licenses.

Will we be notified of our progress during the challenge?

Yes, ProLiteracy will post a leaderboard on a biweekly basis with the top three programs, instructors, and learners.

What criteria will be used to award each of the prizes?

The ProLiteracy Learning Upgrade Challenge will award prizes to the top program and top instructor based on the percentage of learners who have completed the most hours. 

Can a program, instructor, student win more than once?

Yes, if the program, instructor, student participates in each Challenge they could win more than once. 

Does the Challenge run for a full year with 3-prize award time frames?

The Challenge follows three 4-month long trimesters to match adult education calendars. During each cycle, new providers can sign up for the ProLiteracy Learning Upgrade Challenge and receive instructor training to get started. Each cycle will start with a fresh slate.