Workforce Development Course Collection


Our workforce resources help students in your program identify their career interests, create goals, and land new jobs. 

ProLiteracy created the Workforce Development Collection: a free and robust online set of courses to help students thrive in the modern, digital workplace. The courses cover topics such as finding and landing a job as well as the soft skills needed to succeed in the workplace.  

NEW! Employability in a Digital World 

New to the collection are six direct-to-student courses designed to give students an advantage in meeting the demands of today’s technology-first workforce.  

Lessons, videos, and downloads teach students how to use some of the most common online tools, platforms, and programs that they will encounter in today’s job searches and working environments. 

  • Finding a Job Online 
  • Applying for a Job Online 
  • Interviewing for a Job Online 
  • Using a Word Processor 
  • Spreadsheet Basics 
  • Email, Calendar, and Communication 

Additional Workplace Skills Resources 

The Workforce Development collection also includes four student-facing courses to prepare adults for the workplace with basics like setting career goals, writing eye-catching resumes, acing an interview, and communicating at work. An online course for teachers includes tips and additional resources to use with students. 

Additionally, the Small Business Basics curriculum teaches English and vocabulary for immigrants and refugees in the context of six principles of business entrepreneurship. An online course for teachers guides them through using the downloadable student workbook. 

The entire Workforce Development Collection is made possible through grant support from Pitney Bowes.

Workforce Atlas 

To supplement the Workforce Collection, programs can use Workforce Atlas to provide students with personalized career recommendations.  

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