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1/15  ProLiteracy Applauds President Obama’s Community College Plan, Calls for Additional Support for Adult Literacy Programs   President Obama’s plan to help millions access community college and training programs underscores the importance of adult education, but does not address the needs of adults most at risk.

12/2  Today is Giving Tuesday!   Help us Achieve our Adult Literacy Mission

12/2  The Value of Adult Literacy Volunteering   December 5 is International Volunteer Day!

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Upcoming Events

2/5-2/7  Texas Association for Literacy and Adult Education   Ann Beeson, New Readers Press Sales Representative, will be in attendance. 

2/11  Refugee Services Consultation   Glenda Norvell, New Readers Sales Press Representative, will be in attendance. 

2/27-2/28  Illinois Teachers of Bilingual Education   Carol Larsen, New Readers Press Sales Representative, will be in attendance. 

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