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September 21

Goal-focused Individualized Lessons for High-level ELL

1pm – 2pm ET

Many adult learners enroll in English language classes with specific goals based on their immediate needs in the US. Ensuring that lessons meet learners’ short- and long-term goals can empower, improve confidence, and enable them to advocate for themselves within their communities. This webinar will equip you with the practical skills to structure a lesson with our learners' goals in mind.

September 25

Navigating Future Pathways: Creative Techniques for Career Exploration in Adult Education Classes

1pm – 2pm ET

Learn innovative strategies for guiding learners through the journey of career exploration and how to seamlessly integrate them into engaging classroom activities. Understand the importance of teaching essential career-related vocabulary, discover user-friendly tools for skill and interest assessment, and uncover online resources that open doors to vital information about diverse careers. We will teach you how to connect students with real-world insights that will also enhance their digital literacy skill set for the journey ahead.

September 26

“How Long is This Going to Take?” Helping Students Navigate Each Step of Their HSE Journey

3pm – 4pm ET

Although students’ motivations for obtaining their HSEs are varied, one of the most common questions they ask when first starting their educational journey is “how long is this going to take?” As adult educators, we must help our students find the balance between getting it done quickly and getting it done well. We can achieve this by helping our students set realistic and achievable goals and walking alongside them throughout the process. In this webinar, we will discuss goal setting and retention strategies that can help guide students through their HSE journey.

Todd Evans

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Todd Evans, Senior Director of Programs

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