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October 5

Instructional Routines for Reasoning & Sense Making

1pm – 2pm ET

Are you unsure about the most effective instructional techniques to cultivate your learners' reasoning skills across various mathematical topics? If your response is a hesitant "I'm not sure," then join us for this interactive webinar to explore instructional routines specifically designed to emphasize reasoning and meaningful understanding beyond mere solution seeking.

October 19

News Literacy Series, Part 3: Avoiding Election Misinformation

4pm – 5pm ET

For any number of reasons — evidence-free allegations of voter fraud and confusion about mail-in ballots, or election meddling by foreign actors and misleading advertisements — too many of us have doubts about the outcome of legitimate elections. DeMario Phipps-Smith of the News Literacy Project will focus this session specifically on news literacy skills that are essential to finding credible information about candidates, issues and electoral processes. Also, Greg Stultz of New Readers Press will walk through the News for You Election Voting Guide. It’s a plain-language guide that explains the voting process in the U.S.: who can vote, how Americans choose their leaders, how to register, how to cast your ballot, and why every vote counts. It also includes guidance on ways to get the best information about the candidates and issues, and on understanding political campaign ads and debates.

Todd Evans

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Todd Evans, Senior Director of Programs

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