Our Impact

Transforming lives through access to literacy

We inspire tomorrow by understanding the adult literacy needs of today

Because no two programs’ needs are the same, we offer a variety of supports to meet them with what they need.

We provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding each year through our National Book Fund, Mobile Learning Fund, and Literacy Opportunity Fund. Our digital resource center features over 1,000 instructional tools and trainings, and our national voice guides advocacy efforts, helping thousands of adult literacy providers advance their missions and serve more adults in their communities.


organizations served through New Readers Press and Membership

1.1 million+

adult learners supported by the literacy education programs we serve

$1.0 million

in total grants awarded to adult education programs around the US


of revenue spent on serving programs around the US and the world


By building the capacity of the smallest community-based basic education programs to the largest workforce development organizations, ProLiteracy can support adults at every stage of their literacy journey. We support every program with what they need to go all the way.

Mark Vineis, President and CEO, ProLiteracy


2023 Annual Report

Our annual impact report details the work we’ve done over the past year to advance adult literacy through expanded services, new partnerships, and increased visibility for our advocacy and public policy efforts.

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