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Urban Alliance for Adult Literacy

Join with urban coalitions around the US to build our collective capacity to transform lives.

The Urban Alliance strengthens collaborations among urban adult literacy providers, adult learners, and other urban community stakeholders.

In cities and urban counties around the US, significant numbers of adults can benefit from adult foundational education, such as basic literacy, high-school equivalency, and English language education, to advance their work potential and transform their family and community. Providers of adult education services in these cities and urban counties are partnering with other service providers, such as employment agencies, prisoner re-entry agencies, immigration and refugee programs, and more, to better support the adult learners in their communities.

The Urban Alliance for Adult Literacy provides a forum for information-sharing, advocacy, joint projects, and community-building for coalitions of adult foundational education practitioners, advocates, and other stakeholders serving US urban communities. Through webinars, virtual meetings, and an online discussion group, the Urban Alliance is helping more adults in urban communities gain access to the diverse services they need to transform their lives.

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Webinars & Presentations

Join Urban Alliance participants at an upcoming webinar and learn how other urban coalitions are building capacity and effectively coordinating services in their communities.

Next Event

A Community-Oriented Approach to Urban Adult Foundational Education | May 29, 1:00-2:00 PM ET
Paul Jurmo and Jessica Tomkins will discuss arguments for and examples of a community-oriented approach to adult foundational education (AFE), especially as it relates to urban areas. Community-oriented AFE systems are designed to serve more learners and the social contexts they participate in; be more relevant to the diverse needs, strengths, and interests of learners and other stakeholders; and use effective practices to provide contextualized, integrated AFE services and support those who do this work. The session will draw on In Community, Strength: Changing Our Minds about U.S. Adult Foundational Education, a five-volume series written by Paul Jurmo.


Past Events

View recordings and download materials from past webinars and presentations, here.

Urban Coalition Participants

These coalitions, collectives, mayoral initiatives, and councils are part of the national Urban Alliance for Adult Literacy and are collaborating to share useful ideas, information, and inspiration they can use to strengthen AFE efforts in their own cities and states, as well as nationally. Join them in advancing adult literacy in urban communities across the US.

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