Why Adult Literacy

Because every adult has the right to literacy—a right worth fighting for.

Literacy unlocks opportunities for adults to more fully engage in their communities and enrich their lives.

Adults who are able to read, write, do basic math, and use a computer are more likely to achieve goals such as meaningful work and access to health care. That’s reason enough to support them. What’s more, helping adults reach their personal goals has public benefits, too.


of U.S. Immigrants Are Not Proficient in English

With support, this population can learn English and close the literacy gap.


of Incarcerated Individuals Did Not Finish High School

Those who participate in correctional education are 43% less likely to become incarcerated again than those who do not.

$2.2 Trillion

Additional U.S. Income through Literacy

Bringing all adults to a sixth-grade reading level will help our communities and nation’s economies grow, and inspire everyone to invest in literacy.

Mark Vineis

By building the capacity of the smallest community-based basic education programs to the largest workforce development organizations, ProLiteracy can support adults at every stage of their literacy journey. We support every program with what they need to go all the way.

Mark Vineis, President and CEO, ProLiteracy

ProLiteracy builds the capacity of adult literacy programs to help them maximize their impact.

We provide funding, comprehensive training and professional learning opportunities, approachable research, and leading-edge digital and print learning resources through New Readers Press to adult literacy programs throughout the U.S. and the world. The reason we do it is crystal clear…

Adult literacy transforms lives and communities.

Adult education opens doors to careers, health care access, and participation in our democracy. Literacy leads to equal opportunities, liberties, and protection under the law, helps create financial stability for individuals and their communities, and inspires the next generation to learn and grow. See for yourself.

Our Impact