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Workplace Literacy


What is workplace literacy?

As defined by the Office of Vocational Adult Education in the U.S. Department of Education, "Workplace education programs focus on the literacy and basic skills training that workers need to gain new employment, retain present jobs, advance in their careers, or increase productivity. Curricula are developed by educators working with employers and employee groups to determine what reading, computation, speaking, and reasoning skills are required to perform job tasks effectively. Successful efforts to institute workplace education programs require strong partnerships among educators, employers, and employees."

Workplace Literacy Guide

Many organizations would like to help local employers prepare their employees to be more effective in their jobs. ProLiteracy's Workplace Literacy Guide is for the directors and key decision makers of local adult literacy and basic education organizations to help start workplace literacy programs in local businesses. Workplace literacy programs can be a good way to generate income for your organization.

Our guide will help you explore the practices used in a variety of workplace literacy programs, which you can adapt to fit the needs of your organization and employer(s). There are many decisions to make to determine the type of workplace literacy program your organization can and should get involved in. You will be more able to make those decisions after reading this guide and meeting with local employers.

ProLiteracy’s Workplace Literacy Guide was developed with funding from Pitney Bowes.

Please contact Michele Diecuch, senior project and membership manager, at for more information.  

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