Review of The Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education, 2020 Edition
Posted by Laura McLoughlin on July 20, 2022 in categoryFacts & Research

In the current Adult Literacy Education research journal, Jill Castek from the University of Arizona and Tyler H.J. Frank from Clark College review The Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education, 2020 Edition

The 500-page book is divided into five sections, each centered on a different theme, to inform its readers about the complexities of adult learning in education. 

Read an excerpt of the review: 

The range of chapters and the content covered depict the extensive territory of adult learning along with distinct theories, practices, and perspectives that are unique to adult learning. Adult learners are not portrayed as unidimensional but are instead represented as complex beings with diverse personal goals and perspectives. Adult educators are likewise described as multifaceted individuals with diverse motivations for teaching and serving their communities. Moreover, the contexts in which adult learners and educators co-construct learning become more layered as our world crosses multiple divides, problematizing issues such as access, opportunity, and program sustainability. 

The 2020 version of the Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education is of particularly high interest for scholars who are synthesizing historical trends in adult education and for those conducting literature reviews. The volume captures turns in the field that have led to where the field is currently. The text offers an extensive number of references for all subject matter subsumed under the umbrella of adult and continuing education. 

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