Workforce Atlas

ProLiteracy and Pearson partnered to develop Workforce Atlas, a free online career pathways platform designed exclusively with the adult learner in mind. It is an engaging, intuitive, and learner-friendly platform that adults can use to assess their literacy, numeracy, and career skills and interests. Workforce Atlas is a comprehensive resource intended to “show” rather than “tell” adults about career recommendations suitable for them. The recommendations are based on hundreds of unique occupations informed by the open-source data from O*Net, a constantly-updated source of occupations from the Department of Labor.

Adult literacy organizations and programs of all sizes and types can greatly benefit from having adult learners use Workforce Atlas. It can be accessed on an individual level in workforce training, or within local service providers with basic literacy or ESL programming.

The FREE Workforce Atlas website includes the following:

  • An online account that learners can create to help them keep track of their assessment progress, career pathway recommendations, and favorite resources. A comprehensive, user-friendly assessment measures and evaluates learners’ literacy and numeracy skills, and career goals.
  • Assessment-based career pathways recommendations including occupations, online resources, and local providers that can help them achieve their professional, academic, and personal goals.
  • Helpful resources including popular jobs, interview tips, best practices for different careers, tips on how to reach personal goals, and more.
  • An Implementation Guide available to provide educators and program directors with the tools to get the most value out of Workforce Atlas

To learn more and check it out for yourself, please visit