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About This Course

This course introduces adult education instructors to the role of financial literacy and how to teach it in the classroom. It is designed to help instructors learn the basic principles of teaching personal finance and money management.

In this course, you will:

  • Create a portfolio of materials and resources to use when teaching financial literacy
  • Learn strategies to teach students money management concepts, skills, and vocabulary
  • Learn activities to connect students to financial resources in their communities
  • Connect with financial professionals in your area that can be resources for your students
  • Learn to use your own financial experiences to engage students and prepare them for future financial decisions

During this course, you will have many opportunities to view video examples and download valuable tools and resources. You will learn how to adapt financial literacy curriculum to meet the needs of your students. You will begin building a resource portfolio you can share with other instructors in your program.

Some of the information for this course comes from Control Your Money, a ProLiteracy New Readers Press publication that can be used as a supplement to any adult education class, or as part of a financial literacy program. Topics include spending plans, types of bank accounts, understanding credit reports, and a glossary of terms.

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