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Crisis Can’t Deter Our Partner Program in Haiti

May 24, 2022


There is a lot to be said about the resilience of the people of Haiti. The small country saw crisis after crisis in 2021—the assassination of its president Jovenel Moïse, political unrest, gang violence, COVID-19, and an earthquake and cyclone that hit within two days of each other. 

So, the success our partner program AyitiKonseVet (AKV) had in 2021 is truly a testament to their hard work. In creole, AyitiKonseVet means “keep Haiti green.” The organization has two central programs. The first is the School Garden Program, which teaches children and young adults agriculture techniques with the goal of improving food security in the country. The second program is the literacy program for youth and adults. 

While food security and farming are central to Haiti’s future, AKV knows education is vital. In Haiti, the literacy rate for ages 15 and up is only 61%. Literacy is key to economic stability. It can give adults the skills they need to create a business to sell their crops or to manage their finances.  

The leaders at AKV said they weren’t always sure they’d be able to continue through the hardships of 2021. “We often ask ourselves, ‘What will happen tomorrow? Will there be a better future for us?’” one leader said.  

Despite everything, AKV employees did everything in their power to achieve the program’s goals. We are proud to say AKV served 90 women and 65 men at its 10 literacy centers. Participants study reading and writing in Haitian creole as well as basic math. In addition, they participate in regular discussions about alternative ways to solve the many problems they face in rural Haiti.  

Upon completion of the most recent evaluations, AKV saw a success rate of 94%, which is truly remarkable given the circumstances. 

With a deeper understanding of the land and with education, AKV is building stability.

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