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ProLiteracy Launches Employability in a Digital World Courses

May 1, 2023

In response to the increasing digital demands of today’s workplace, ProLiteracy has created six new online direct-to-student courses designed to help adults thrive on the job. These courses along with the complete Workforce Development Collection of which they are a part of are made possible through the generous support from Pitney Bowes.

The latest addition to the Workforce Development Collection, the new Employability in a Digital World series includes lessons, videos, and downloads that teach students how to use some of the most common online tools, platforms, and programs that they will encounter in today’s jobs and working environments, including Google Drive, Zoom, and Microsoft Outlook.

By staying on the leading edge of workforce trends and providing adults with relevant tools and information, ProLiteracy better positions learners to earn family-sustaining wages and move toward upward economic mobility.

“The support and commitment provided by Pitney Bowes over the years has allowed ProLiteracy to develop an extensive collection of workforce development materials. These resources have been instrumental in helping literacy programs meet the economic needs of their students and communities and have set many adults on the pathway to career success,” said Todd Evans, ProLiteracy’s director of professional development.

The first three Employability in a Digital World courses guide job seekers through the online process of finding, applying, and interviewing for a job. The other three courses teach the basics on using word processors; spreadsheets; and email, calendars, and digital communication.

These new courses, and the entire Workforce Development Collection, are available on ProLiteracy’s learning platform Education Network. Learn more about the courses at: