ALE Journal – Volume 2 Issue 2

Fall 2020


Basic Literacy & Numeracy

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Full Issue

The journal features articles discussing diverse topics related to adult education. The articles cover subjects such as adult basic education, capacity building in workforce education, the impact of funding cuts, situational barriers for learners, curriculum and instruction in disciplining adult learners, the need for support services, challenges in implementing new requirements, and the conflict between inclusiveness and efficiency. The journal emphasizes the importance of addressing these issues to improve adult literacy education.

This issue of the journal includes:

Research Articles

Author(s): Erik Jacobson – Montclair State University

Description: The article explores the phenomenon of adult learners who enroll in adult basic education (ABE) classes in the United States but leave before completing a level or achieving their goals.

Author(s): Elizabeth A. Roumell Texas A&M University; Corina Todoran Loyola University New Orleans; Florin D. Salajan North Dakota State University

Description: The article discusses the implications of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) legislation in the United States on adult and workforce education.

Report from the Field

Author(s): Dana Downs-Kuritz Don Bosco School for Adults

Description: The report discusses strategies for teaching adults with limited writing skills, specifically refugees and immigrants, how to improve their handwriting ability and proficiency in English as a second language.

Forum: Building a Better Adult Basic Skills Development System

Author(s): Paul J. Jurmo Independent Consultant, Basic Skills for Development

Description: The article discusses the challenges faced by work-related adult basic skills programs in the United States and proposes 10 actions to improve the system. These actions aim to make adult basic skills education more inclusive, relevant, efficient, and sustainable.

Author(s): Esther Prins Pennsylvania State University

Description: The article gives recommendations for making basic skills education more inclusive, relevant, efficient, and sustainable. It offers questions and observations as a critical friend to further the conversation and provide insights on various topics.

Author(s): Art Ellison Former N.H. State Director of Adult Education, Member of the N.H. House Education Committee

Description: The article discusses the need for improving the adult education system and advises on Jurmo’s 10 actions to achieve that. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing students strengths and calls for increased funding and advocacy efforts.

Resource Review

Author(s): Susan Finn Miller Lancaster Lebanon IU13 Community Education

Description: The paper discusses Clarena Larrottas book, which explores the experiences and challenges of adult English learners and their teachers, emphasizing learner-centered pedagogy and engaged scholarship for effective instruction.

Technology Solutions for Adult Basic Skills Challenges

Author(s): David J. Rosen Newsome Associates

Description: The author discusses challenges faced by adult basic skills educators in engaging learners through online teaching and suggests technology solutions such as WhatsApp, Flipgrid, PowToon, and blended learning approaches.


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