Improving Reading Skills for Adult Learners with Dyslexia in Incarcerated Settings with The Noah Text®-New Century Program

Winter 2024


Digital Literacy

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Author(s): Sarah Cacicio, Adult Literacy & Learning Impact Network

Adults with dyslexia report struggling with reading difficulties from as early as kindergarten which impacts their learning experiences over the life span. Providing evidence-based instruction alongside supplementary digitally-mediated reading tools such as The Noah Text®-New Century program is critical for improving learning engagement and outcomes among adult learners with dyslexia, especially for the disproportionate number of learners with reading difficulties in incarcerated settings. Based on the science of reading, Noah Text® is a patent-pending method for adapting text to improve reading fluidity for learners with dyslexia. It was developed by researcher Sarah K. Blodgett, whose son struggled with reading. Noah Text® aims to improve text accessibility at the word level, building critical writing-sound pattern awareness.

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