Innovating in Education: A Response to Keiko Yasukawa’s “Problematizing the Imperative to Innovate: An Examination of Innovations in Adult Literacy”

Spring 2023

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Author(s): Maria del C. Lorenzatti Universidad Nacional de Córdoba – Universidad Nacional de Chilecito (Argentina); Judy Kalman Centro de Investigación y Estudios Avanzados del IPN (CINVESTAV), México

The paper addresses the concept of innovation in adult literacy. The authors discuss the understanding of innovation in education and adult literacy, emphasizing the need for a pedagogically defensible purpose. They also explore the Yo, sí puedo program, a recent literacy campaign in Latin America, as an example of innovation in adult literacy.

The paper highlights the historical context of progress and its impact on education. In summary, the authors engage with the critique of innovation and provide insights into the pedagogical basis of innovation in adult literacy.

ALE Journal Volume 5, Issue 2

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