Writing Instruction for Adult Education Learners

Fall 2023


Basic Literacy & Numeracy

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Author(s): Cynthia Puranik and Daphne Greenberg, Georgia State University; Charles MacArthur, University of Delaware; Zoi Philippakos, University of Tennessee

Writing is a critical skill that is considered important for employment, further education, civic participation, health, and personal fulfillment. For example, a substantial percent of nearly all jobs that non-college graduates possess require some type of writing. Workers are increasingly required to use their writing skills for memos, reports, and emails and may find their ability to move into well-paying jobs or enroll in technical training programs limited by their inadequate writing skills. Adults who lack these skills have limited opportunities to acquire them. Despite the importance of writing, there is little research on the writing knowledge, skills, and strategies of adult education learners or research on instruction designed for their needs. This digest provides a brief review of the research in this area.

ALE Journal – Volume 5, Issue 3

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