Technology for Simultaneous Blended or Flex (HyFlex or BlendFlex) Instruction 
Posted by Laura McLoughlin on August 17, 2022 in categoryFacts & Research

Each issue of the Adult Literacy Education research journal wraps up with a column by David Rosen that explores technology solutions to help practitioners in the adult foundational education field overcome a challenge. 

With technology, students have the ability to learn in various ways. Some attend class or join a remote session to learn simultaneously with others, while others prefer the flex approach of working asynchronously online with the option to join class as they can. In this issue, Rosen’s challenge is to find technology solutions to provide instruction for both sets of students. 

Read an excerpt from “Technology for Simultaneous Blended or Flex (HyFlex or BlendFlex) Instruction”: 

There are many possibilities for the synchronous mode. Some adult schools and programs put this Flex mode in place first using a high-quality, online course designed for their students’ needs and their level(s). They may then create the in-person and online synchronous modes to align with that course to provide extended or enriching opportunities to those who prefer to learn synchronously. Other programs simply host the synchronous session video recordings so that learners who could not attend can view them asynchronously, and so that any learner can review segments of the recorded videos as needed. Some programs and teachers design their own asynchronous curriculum, possibly based on their successful in-person curriculum. For these, the software used is a LMS such as Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, Moodle, or another LMS. It may also be possible to use a website for this purpose such as Weebly/Space, Wix, or another free or low-cost instructor-made class website. 

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