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International Programs

Today, ProLiteracy is active in 20 countries, working with a network of grassroots partner programs. Partners are non-literacy entities such as health organizations, human rights agencies, or community libraries. We provide training, capacity building, and grants to support literacy instruction in combination with teaching skills to address  socio-economic issues impacting the targeted community. By increasing literacy, ProLiteracy and its international partners have worked to reduce poverty, improve health, and advance human rights. 

Read more in our International Programs Update.


Instructional resources for international organizations. 

Women in Literacy®

This initiative emphasizes giving women the literacy skills they need to fight poverty, stay healthy, and confront discrimination.

World Reader

ProLiteracy has contributed instructional content from our publishing division, New Readers Press, to help learners worldwide increase their reading skills.

African Women's Health Literacy

ProLiteracy is working with three African NGOs over the next three years on a health literacy project that focuses on integrating health education into basic literacy programs designed to address specific needs of women. 

Niger Women's Literacy and Economic Empowerment

The Niger Tribal Women’s Literacy and Economic Empowerment Project will provide support for approximately 200 women per year to learn to read and write with the goal of starting a microenterprise.