National Book Fund

Grants for educational materials

The National Book Fund makes grants for educational materials to adult literacy and adult basic education programs to help teach adults to read.

Before ProLiteracy established the National Book Fund (NBF), literacy programs that couldn't afford to buy books for students and instructors simply did without them. Students shared worn-out books with other students. Instructors used cast-off books, outdated resources, and photocopies during lessons. But today, with the help of NBF, we're changing all that.

In 1995, using only donated funds, the NBF began providing local literacy programs throughout the United States with New Readers Press books and other educational materials.

The 2018 National Book Fund cycle is now closed.

“Before receiving the award, our pre-GED tutoring program did not have any relevant GED materials. Without a high school diploma or equivalent, job options are limited and the likelihood of being able to find an apartment or independent living situation that is both safe and affordable decreases significantly. I wholeheartedly believe that utilizing the materials from the National Book Fund will shift the trajectory from hopeless to hopeful for all present and future residents.”

The Samaritan Women in Baltimore, MD, 2015 National Book Fund recipients

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NBF 3million

To date, ProLiteracy has distributed more than 1,500 grant awards totaling more than $3 million worth of materials to organizations.

NBF 360000

More than 360,000 adults, youth, and children improved their reading skills as a result of this initiative. 

NBF 36500

More than 36,500 tutors and literacy volunteers have received the resources they need to provide direct literacy instruction to students. 

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