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Other Projects

ProLiteracy partners with various national, regional, and local organizations in its continued support of adult literacy. In addition to our current work, below is some information about those partnerships.

National Coalition for Literacy

ProLiteracy is a member of the National Coalition for Literacy (NCL), a coalition of national, regional, and local adult education organizations that work together to help raise awareness about adult education with the aim of affecting adult education legislation and policies at a national level. Currently, a ProLiteracy representative, Michele Diecuch, Director of Programs, serves on the NCL board.

Literacy Coalition of Onondaga County

To stay connected to adult literacy in Central New York, ProLiteracy’s home, ProLiteracy works with the Literacy Coalition of Onondaga County on adult literacy initiatives, committees, and local media opportunities. 


ProLiteracy partnered with Central New York PBS station, WCNY, in creating financial literacy materials and programming for high school students. Students used New Readers Press’s Control Your Money curriculum while attending WCNY’s Enterprise America program, designed to teach high school students about various aspects of adulthood, including banking, budgeting, finding a job, and others.

First Book

ProLiteracy’s knows that having books to read – at home and in the classroom – is the number one predictor of reading success. First Book is an international nonprofit social enterprise that provides access to new books and educational resources for classrooms working with kids from low-income families. ProLiteracy has teamed up with First Book to help our members get new, age-appropriate, low-cost books for the parents and kids they serve.