Referral Services

Connecting Adults and Volunteers to Literacy Programs

Connecting potential students and volunteers with programs immediately ignites the learning process and is the first step toward student achievement.

National Literacy Directory

The National Literacy Directory helps individuals find literacy programs in their areas. It contains more than 7,000 educational agencies across the U.S. A component of the directory is a toll-free number that individuals can call for a referral to a local program, 24/7, in English and Spanish: 877-389-6874.

The directory is a joint effort between ProLiteracy and National Center for Families Learning, with generous support from Dollar General Literacy Foundation.

Dollar General Store-Generated Referrals

Each of Dollar General’s 12,000 stores displays student referral brochures with postcards for customers to take and mail to ProLiteracy for the closest referral to their areas. To date, ProLiteracy has referred almost 100,000 students through this program. 

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