A Look Forward

This year, ProLiteracy worked to improve the field’s ability to offer the best services to any adult who comes into a program. But there are millions of adults not included in the data, who perform at the lowest literacy levels and are never seen or counted, effectively making them hidden.

In our next steps we will build on our current efforts to pilot initiatives to serve these individuals. We will work with programs to set up classes at easy-to-access locations with well-trained staff who will be ready and able to meet them with the resources to guide them on the path to literacy.

This, along with our continued work to empower programs to serve more adults, will create a shift in the current landscape to one in which the power of adult literacy is recognized. We will see policymakers and funders get on board, and we will see social issues start to fix themselves.

And guess what we will do then? We will renew our commitment to supporting the field.

How to get involved?