Bridging Resource Gaps in Adult Education: The Role of Generative AI

Fall 2023


General Adult Education Field

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Author(s): Sarah Cacicio, Adult Literacy & Learning Impact Network; Rachel Riggs, World Education

Generative AI (GenAI ) refers to the production of entirely new creative works, such as text, pictures, music, or poetry, in response to simple prompts. Some view GenAI as a disruption to our education system, pointing to biases in the training data, concerns about misleading or inaccurate information, challenges to educators, as well as issues of personal safety and privacy. In adult foundational education, where teacher capacity and resources are limited, AI-powered edtech tools have the potential to support the rapid creation of high quality, tailored, and engaging materials for instruction and assessment in any learning context. This article aims to provide insight into adult educator perspectives on the use of GenAI as well as highlight edtech tools and features that educators can use to strengthen their instructional design skills and more effectively meet diverse learner needs.

ALE Journal – Volume 5, Issue 3

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