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ALE Research Journal

Adult Literacy Education: The International Journal of Literacy, Language, and Numeracy


Adult Literacy Education is an online, peer-reviewed research journal published by ProLiteracy . The editors are Alisa Belzer, Rutgers University, Amy D. Rose, Northern Illinois University, and Heather Brown, University of North Carolina – Charlotte.

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Current Issue


Research Article
  • “It’s a Different World”: Language Ideologies, Literacies, and College Readiness
    Meagan A. Hoff, Collin College; Jessica S. Reynolds, Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Reports from the Field

  • Digital Financial Literacy
    Will Golden, University of Georgia; Leslie Cordie, Auburn University
  • Learning from Each Other: A Partnership Between an Affordable Housing Organization and Digital Literacy Research Organization
    Kathy Harris, Portland State University; Naila Judge, RWS Group; Chris Burger, EAH Housing
  • Finally, Some Guidance! Using the Triple E Framework to Shape Technology Integration
    Susan Gaer, World Education Partners; Kristi Reyes, MiraCosta College
  • A Journey Through the Digital World: Fostering Digital Problem Solving Among Adult Learners
    Tyler H.J. Frank, Clark College

Forum: What's In a Name

  • Adult Foundational Education: Why a New Name and Definition is Needed
    David J. Rosen Steering Committee Member, Open Door Collective
  • Adult Foundational Education: A Fresh Seed Sown?
    Ralf St. Clair University of Victoria, Canada
  • Demystifying a Field: Wonderings on Classifying for Clarity in Adult Education
    Leah Katherine Saal, Loyola University Maryland

Book Review

  • Review of Contested Spaces of Teaching and Learning: Practitioner Ethnographies of Adult Education in the United States
    Alexis Cherewka, Pennsylvania State University

Resource Review

  • Review of the Maryland Department of Labor’s Adult Education Digital Literacy Framework for Adult Learners: Instructor Implementation Guide
    Neil Eckersley, Literacy Assistance Center

Research Digest

  • Mathematical Word Problems in Adult Education: What the Research Says
    Lynda Ginsburg, Rutgers University (retired)


ALE Research Journal, Summer 2022 Research Articles
  • Mediating Work and Culture through Dewey’s Integrative Vision of Vocational Education
    George Demetrion, Capital Community College and 1199 New England Training and Upgrading Fund
  • Basic Correctional Education and Recidivism: Findings from PIAAC and NRS
    Margaret Becker Patterson, Research Allies for Lifelong Learning


  • Declining Enrollment in Federally-Funded Adult Education: Critical Questions for the Field
    Amy Pickard, Indiana University

Forum: The Role of Research in Policy and Practice

  • Research and Policy: A Three-Way Intersection
    Deborah Kennedy, National Coalition for Literacy
  • Research and the Field of Adult Literacy Education
    Carmine Stewart, Seeds of Literacy
  • Educational Research and Practice: A State- Level Professional Development Perspective
    Elizabeth Severson-Irby and Kate Rolander, Virginia Commonwealth University

Book Review

  • Review of The Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education, 2020 Edition
    Jill Castek, University of Arizona; Tyler H.J. Frank, Clark College

Resource Review

  • Review of Desmos Classroom Activities
    Eric Appleton, The City University of New York

Research Digest

  • Dyslexia and Other Reading Difficulties in Adults: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Headed?
    EJohn Sabatini, The University of Memphis

Technology Solutions for Adult Basic Skills Challenges

  • Technology for Simultaneous Blended or Flex (HyFlex or BlendFlex) Instruction
    David J. Rosen, Newsome Associates


Special Issue: Online Learning, Technology Integration, and Digital Literacy in Adult Language and Literacy Education.

ALE Research Journal, Winter 2022 Research Articles
  • “It’s Better That She Sees Me:” Digital Visual Literacy Narratives of Women Immigrants in Chile and Implications for Adult Literacy
    Sondra Cuban, Western Washington University; Jo Ann Arinder, Washington State University
  • The Power of the Positive: Enhancing Online Student Engagement for Adult Literacy Learners
    Ellen N. Beattie, Center for Intentional Learning

Report from the Field

  • The Digital Literacy Action Plan: A Strategy for Differentiation and Learner Agency in Digital Literacy Instruction
    Rachel Riggs, World Education

Forum: Online Learning, Technology Integration, and Digital Literacy

  • Supporting Quality Instruction: Building Teacher Capacity as Instructional Designers
    Jen Vanek, World Education
  • Beyond Crisis, Toward Justice: New Technologies in Community-Based Adult Learning
    Suzanne Smythe, Simon Fraser University
  • Beyond Frameworks: Supporting Adult Educators to Leverage Technology and Customize the Learning Experience
    Sarah Cacicio, Alison R. Shell, and Medha Tare, Digital Promise

Book Review

  • Review of Assessment, Evaluation, and Accountability in Adult Education
    Sandra Ratcliff Daffron, Western Washington University (Emeritus)

Resource Review

  • Review of Teaching Adult English Language Learners: A Practical Introduction
    Sarah Young Knowles, TESOL Program, American University, Washington, D.C.

Research Digest

  • Digital Game-Mediated Language Learning for Adults
    Elisabeth Gee and Yuchan (Blanche) Gao, Arizona State University

Technology Solutions for Adult Basic Skills Challenges

  • Refurbished Computers for Adult Learners at Home or in Class
    David J. Rosen, Newsome Associates


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