Teacher Training Plus – Workplace Literacy



3 Hours

Teacher Training Plus is a webinar series across six strands that presents best-practice instructional strategies. Training and support for tutors and teachers working with students reading and writing below an 8th grade level.

Within each strand, we identified three areas of need and designed webinars to address each. Throughout all three topics, we addressed working in a multilevel class or group and converting in-person teaching strategies to distance learning.

Generously funded by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation.

Previous Webinar(s)


Navigating Future Pathways: Creative Techniques for Career Exploration in Adult Education Classes

Learn innovative strategies for guiding learners through the journey of career exploration and how to seamlessly integrate them into engaging classroom activities. Understand the importance of teaching essential career-related vocabulary, discover user-friendly tools for skill and interest assessment, and uncover online resources that open doors to vital information about diverse careers. We will teach you how to connect students with real-world insights that will also enhance their digital literacy skill set for the journey ahead.

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Résumé Rescue! Creative and Scaffolded Approaches for Teaching Resume Writing

A good, polished résumé can be the deciding factor in whether someone gets offered an interview. Give students an advantage by teaching them how to write a résumé that positions them for success.  Join us for our next Workplace Literacy training to: 

  • Discover effective methods to teach résumé writing in a scaffolded and interactive manner 
  • Delve into a free online resource for résumé instruction 
  • Learn how to integrate artificial intelligence tools to produce polished résumés 

 This session will equip educators with approachable techniques that foster student engagement, build confidence, and guide them through the process of creating impactful résumés. 

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Let’s Talk! Strategies for Empowering Students to Communicate Effectively in the Workplace

Join us as we explore practical methods to enhance learners’ communication skills, so they can confidently navigate the workplace. Discover the significance of teaching foundational vocabulary and phrases, explore user-friendly online resources for instruction, and learn how to incorporate engaging hands-on workplace communication learning experiences that resonate with students at all levels and across different career paths.

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About the Presenter

Michele Vick is an instructional consultant within the English Language Proficiency program of Texas A&M University’s Center for Teaching Excellence. Previously, Michele spearheaded initiatives in digital literacy, distance education, and EdTech integration at the statewide PD center for Texas Adult Education and Literacy. She also developed and taught a customized course designed to provide internationally trained professionals with an overview of the steps required to obtaining work in Texas in their disciplines and the English needed for resumes, interviewing and workplace conversations. With almost 20 years of experience, Michele has taught English and to adults in North Africa, the Middle East, and Texas.

Holding a Master’s in Education with a specialization in Mind, Brain, and Education, she often merges research from cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and education in her training. Michele’s passion lies in transforming research from these domains into practical classroom strategies for enhanced learning outcomes. Her commitment revolves around empowering educators with effective tools and techniques to amplify engagement, motivation, and deeper learning.