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Annual Member Statistical Report

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Download 2022 Report
Download 2022 Report

Annual Member Report Shows Fewer Adult Literacy Programs Received Federal Funding

The 2022 Annual Member Statistical Report provides critical information about the current state of adult education across the country.

Each year, ProLiteracy’s member network, which includes over 1,000 adult literacy programs, participates in our Annual Member Survey. Their responses on topics from student demographics and instructional practices to funding sources and volunteer hours are compiled and published in the Annual Statistical Report.

The report provides a vital snapshot of national averages in the adult literacy field and highlights the current needs for increased support and funding.

Programs indicated they saw a decline in federal funding in 2022. With 75% of programs operating on thin budgets of less than $200,000 annually, federal funding accounted for just 15% of their overall funding source, down from 22% a year prior.

“Historically, adult literacy has been underfunded. Without federal money for adult education, programs are left to patch together other sources of funding to be able to continue to serve their students,” said ProLiteracy President and CEO Mark Vineis.

Despite financial setbacks, the report also shows positive trends in the number of new tutors/instructors trained, the number of programs offering distance instruction, and the number of programs recognized in their local news channels.

Also of note in the 2022 Annual Statistical Report:

  • More than 20,000 students are on a wait list for program services
  • 67% of all learners at adult literacy programs identify as female
  • 44% of adult literacy learners are Hispanic or Latinx
  • 79% of programs are offering distance instruction to learners
  • More than 19,000 new tutors and instructors were trained

Our member programs also report that 92,431 program instructors and staff provided services for 148,170 students.

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