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Laubach Way to Reading Arabic

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Laubach Way to Reading was developed by Dr. Frank Laubach, a global literacy pioneer who traveled to over 100 countries developing literacy materials in 314 languages. The original version of Laubach Way to Reading Arabic was developed in the 1950’s for teachers and learners in Egypt.

With the support of generous donors to the Dr. Bob Publishing and Innovation Fund, we took parts of the original materials and modernized the artwork and stories to create the new Level 1 Laubach Way to Reading Arabic curriculum. This curriculum is ideal for adult learners who have little to no reading skills and require a uniform, step-by-step approach to reading.

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  • Assessment
  • Student Book 1: Lessons 1–2
  • Student Book 1: Lessons 3–9
  • Teacher’s Manual 1: Lessons 1–2
  • Teacher’s Manual 1: Lessons 3–9

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