Teacher Training Plus

Teacher Training Plus provides training and support to tutors and teachers after they begin instruction, equipping them to effectively and efficiently serve learners.

Most tutors and teachers receive quality training before they start working with students. However, once they begin their teaching experience, they have little access to additional training and support.

Teacher Training Plus, funded by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, is a webinar series that presents best-practice instructional strategies; and just-in-time small group coaching sessions to help instructors implement the strategies addressed in the webinars. The coaching sessions (eight per webinar) are scheduled approximately two weeks following the live webinar at varied dates and times. You can get one-on-one instruction from the presenter and converse with other participants about the topics covered during the webinar. Space is limited to 10 participants per session.

We surveyed over 500 tutors and teachers to find out where they needed help and developed training and support in four areas: basic literacy instruction, high school equivalency instruction, English language learning, and using published materials effectively. Click each link to learn more and register.

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