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ProLiteracy Research Agenda

With a commitment to improved learner outcomes, ProLiteracy’s research priority is to facilitate and lead research activities for the adult education field. ProLIteracy's Research Agenda provides a vision statement, articulates a research focus, and identifies key roles that ProLiteracy can play in promoting and advocating for high quality research that informs the field and improves practice.

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ALE Research Journal

Adult Literacy Education: The International Journal of Literacy, Language, and Numeracy is an online, peer reviewed, themed research journal published by ProLiteracy in partnership with Rutgers University. 

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First Things First:
Re-Map “the U.S. Adult Literacy Problem”

Those wishing to build more effective systems of instructional and other supports for adult learners need to start with a solid understanding of the challenges and opportunities that adult learners and adult educators face. This article outlines why and how supporters of adult education might develop a more comprehensive, accurate, and positive (actionable) problem statement to base their systems reform efforts on.

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Basic Skills for Community-Oriented Development

Basic Skills for Community-Oriented Development was written for those who are already supporting basic skills development for adults and out-of-school youth in developing countries or those interested in doing so. This resource guide will help readers better understand what they might do to support basic skills development in their communities and nations—and be inspired to do so. Basic Skills for Community-Oriented Development was written by Paul Jurmo, Ed.D, with the help of a team of educators at the field level, representatives of international education organizations, and staff at ProLiteracy.

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A Different Way: Reorienting Adult Education toward Democracy and Social Justice

The U.S. adult education field is now focusing more directly on the question of how to respond to the social justice issues adult learners, their families, and their communities are facing. To contribute to this important dialogue, ProLiteracy is publishing A Different Way: Reorienting Adult Education toward Democracy and Social Justice, a white paper written by adult educator Paul Jurmo, Ed.D. The document outlines strategies used by educators to help learners mitigate the impacts of social injustices, navigate around those impacts, eliminate unjust policies and social practices, and create alternative ways to support human rights.

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COVID-19 Rapid Response Report from the Field

The report includes information gathered and compiled by members of the  E-BAES Taskforce and EdTech Center staff that describes adult education’s response to the pandemic. Findings are intended to inform the field and offer useful suggestions from which adult education and literacy practitioners can benefit. 

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Research Briefs

ProLiteracy has created a series of Research Briefs on adult literacy and education. They are 2,500- to 3,000-word summaries that offer a synthesis of research on a topic, implications for practice, and next steps in research.

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