Teacher Training Plus



24 Hours

Teacher and student

Training and support for tutors and teachers working with students reading and writing below an eighth-grade level.

Most tutors and teachers receive quality training before they start working with students. However, once they begin their teaching experience, they have little access to additional training and support.

Teacher Training Plus is a webinar series across six strands that presents best-practice instructional strategies.

Within each strand, we identified three areas of need and designed webinars to address each. Throughout all three topics, we addressed working in a multilevel class or group and converting in-person teaching strategies to distance learning.

Generously funded by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation.

Our basic literacy track focuses on components of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills for native English-speaking students who are at or below the 5th grade level. Topics include goal setting, alphabetics, and reducing writing anxiety. 


Our high-level English language learning track focuses on strategies and instruction for students who range from intermediate to advanced levels. Topics include using conversation and goal setting for real world applications.


Our High School Equivalency (HSE) track focuses on skills necessary for obtaining the GED and HiSET. Topics include various aspects of reading and writing around these exams and how to effectively prepare students for success.


Our low-level English language learning track focuses on strategies and instruction for students who range from preliterate to high beginning levels. Topics include speaking, listening, phonics, grammar, and lesson planning.


Our math track focuses on strategies and instruction to help students build their numeracy skills and confidence. Topics include reasoning skills, critical thinking, problem solving, and number sense fluency. 


Our workplace literacy track focuses on essential and soft skills students need to have to be successful at work. Topics include career exploration, fundamentals of résumé writing, and effective communication in the workplace.